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Intuitive Movement: It’s a Thing

In my first post I talked about coming to terms with the fact that in order to truly heal my relationship with food and my body, I needed to take a break from structured exercise. I’d been working with a trainer doing heavy barbell weight training three times per week for several months, and was… Continue reading Intuitive Movement: It’s a Thing

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Fuck the Noise

When I finally decided to give up micromanaging my body size once and for all back in November, I definitely did not consider the onslaught of CLEAN! HEALTHY! DETOX! CLEANSE! RESTRICT! ELIMINATE! SHRINK! DIET! WHOLE30! MACROS! CALORIES! KETO! FAT-BURNING! WEIGHT LOSS! fuckery that is thrown at us every single year come January 1. I’m not… Continue reading Fuck the Noise

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The Shift

When you’re obsessed with changing your body, it becomes an all-consuming full-time job. I used to miss work functions, skip impromptu plans with friends, and be less open to the everyday fun life stuff for the sake of micromanaging my body size. Now that I’ve stopped the insanity and am just letting my bod do… Continue reading The Shift

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Size Up

Now that I’m really working on body acceptance and striving for a more intuitive way of living, I realize that when I was zeroed in on changing my body I never had much of an interest in fashion. My “look” was always the same: skinny jeans and a form-fitting top, meant to accentuate the hourglass… Continue reading Size Up

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I’ve worked out in some form or another consistently for years. My exercise obsession began the summer before 6th grade, when I started awkwardly bopping along to Jane Fonda VHS aerobic tapes in my Keds sneakers. I remember losing some weight that year and getting lots of compliments about it. Boys started paying attention to… Continue reading Surrender

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Back to the Future

I am currently mourning the loss of my lean, fit body ideal. With that comes the need to find hobbies that have nothing to do with working out, fitness, Instagram booty shots, or nutrition. My Mom knows how much I love to write and encouraged me to start again. When I logged on to WordPress… Continue reading Back to the Future